January - March 2005 Events

January 22 - May 29, 2005: People of the River Exhibit, Portland Art Museum. This exhibition, which opens at the Portland Art Museum in January 2005, is the first ever to focus specifically on the magnificent arts and culture of the direct ancestors of tribal groups that today live in the Umatilla, Yakama, Warm Springs, Grand Ronde, and Chinook communities. In addition to objects from the Museum’s outstanding Native American collection, objects will be borrowed from several museums and private collections including the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution; the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; Burke Museum, Seattle; and Maryhill Museum, among others. People of the River is also the focal point for comprehensive, ongoing, educational outreach programming, including the Discovery Project, an innovative education program that provides a broad perspective on life in Oregon around the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Initiated by the Portland Art Museum, the collaborative Discovery Project will bring K-12 school children to Portland from underserved districts throughout Oregon to participate in an intensive two-day program of active learning experiences at the Museum, the Oregon Historical Society, the World Forestry Center, the Oregon Zoo and other organizations. Contact Diane Durston, Portland Art Museum, (503) 276-4314 about the Discovery Project. For tickets and general information: (503) 226-2811, website www.portlandartmuseum.org.

March-September 2005: Lewis & Clark Educational Tours with Portland State University. Tales from the Trail: The Story of the Impact of Lewis and Clark on the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. Portland State University is offering a series of four-day tours on the history of the Oregon Territory and the state of Oregon following the 1804-06 expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. For more information, visit their website at www.extended.pdx.edu/lc/.