Project Name:

Reconfigure Intersection of US 101 Business/Oregon Highway 202

Location of Project:

Clatsop County, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Oregon Department of Transportation

Contact Name/Title

Mohamad Dichari, District 1 Manager


350 West Marine Drive, Astoria









Other Sponsors:


Project Description:

US 101 Business serves as a primary route to Fort Clatsop from Astoria intersecting with OR 202, the primary route to Youngs River Falls. The current intersection is offset and confusing to the unfamiliar driver, resulting in unsafe conditions and a high accident rate. The intersection between US 101 Business and OR 202 and the Old Youngs Bay Bridge would be reconfigured to improve safety and capacity in time to accommodate the increase in traffic brought by the bicentennial.


Project Budget:



Funded to Date:



The City of Astoria, Clatsop County Economic Development Council Transportation Committee, Fort Clatsop National Memorial. Lewis amp; Clark Bicentennial Association.


Project Status:

This project is part of the Astoria Bypass studies and EIS analysis. It is included in the Transportation Systems Plan for Astoria. Preliminary design as already been done in the Astoria Bypass studies but will be updated for current conditions and requirements. ODOT does not have funding available for this project. Matching funds are also not available within ODOT, 100% funding is required. Final design and engineering could be underway as soon as funding is secured.


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Other Comments:

This intersection is part of the only alternate route from SR 30 or Washington State to Fort Clatsop if US 101 or the New Youngs River Bridge is blocked by traffic or an accident.

Project ranked 2 of 9 in Clatsop County.


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