Project Name:

US 101 Bike/Pedestrian Tunnel - National Historic Trail, Clatsop to Pacific

Location of Project:

Clatsop County, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Oregon Department of Transportation

Contact Name/Title

Mohamad Dichari, District 1 Manager


350 West Marine Drive, Astoria









Other Sponsors:

National Park Service (Fort Clatsop National Memorial)

Project Description:

The Corps traveled regularly from Fort Clatsop to their salt works during the winter of 1805-06. Fort Clatsop National Memorial is pursuing the purchase and development of that trail, which crosses US 101. The roadway is elevated and traffic is fast and dangerous for bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian crossing. A tunnel under US 101 could provide a crossing. Camp Rilea, a military and law enforcement training facility, is also interested in having a tunnel constructed, and may help with the construction. (Camp Rilea is on the west, but uses forest lands on the east of US 101 for training operations.)

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:



This project has the support of Fort Clatsop, Camp Rilea, the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Association, and the Clatsop County Economic Development Committee. Camp Rilea may be willing to assist with construction as operational training.

Project Status:

ODOT recognizes the need for a safe crossing of US 101, if the National Park Service develops the bike/pedestrian trail. However funds are not available in ODOT for the tunnel project. Matching funds are also not available within ODOT, 100% funding is required. It is anticipated the tunnel could be constructed within the existing highway right-of-way. No environmental issues are anticipated.


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Other Comments:

The Department of Defense may be requested to participate so that the tunnel is sized appropriately for military vehicles.

Project ranked 3 of 9 in Clatsop County.

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