Project Name:

Bi-State Transit Shuttle System for the Lower Columbia Region

Location of Project:

Clatsop County, Oregon and Pacific County, Washington - From Long Beach to Cannon Beach

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Sunset Empire Transportation District

Contact Name/Title

Cindy Howe, Chief Executive Officer


465 N.E. Skipanon Drive, Warrenton






[email protected]



Other Sponsors:

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Association, ODOT, City of Astoria, Fort Clatsop National Memorial, the Port of Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Oregon State Parks, and Clatsop County. This is part of a bi-state project including Pacific County, Pacific Transit, Cities of Ilwaco and Long Beach, Pacific County Friends of Lewis & Clark, Washington State Parks, and WASDOT.

Project Description:

Project Budget:


$ 4,100,000

Funded to Date:

$20,000 NPS grant


A bi-state group made up of state agencies, local non-profit Lewis & Clark planning groups, transit providers, local agencies, and Fort Clatsop has been meeting for six months to plan for transportation challenges. A $20,000 NPS grant funded a consultant to clarify system design and feasibility. This proposed project is based on the bi-state work group and consultant findings.

Project Status:

The shuttle system would be used during the peak season of the Bicentennial years 2003-2006, as determined by the transit operators working with the consultant, Nelson/Nygaard of Portland, Oregon. Preliminary design and analysis of the system is complete.


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Priority Ranking: within State/Tribe/Agency:

Other Comments:

This area is expected to be a "must-see" component of the Pacific Northwest during the Bicentennial years, due to the " End of the Trail" consciousness and the location of Fort Clatsop. Congestion management during the summer months is already needed, including ways to address the limitation of a two-lane highway system and three bridges. Project ranked 5 of 9 in Clatsop County.

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