Project Name:

Sand & Sauvie Island Encampment, Walking & Water Trails

Location of Project:

Columbia County, Oregon, including the City St. Helens, Sand Island, and Sauvie Island.

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Columbia County Historical Society

Contact Name/Title

R. J. "Bob" Brown, President


P.O. Box 837, St. Helens







[email protected]


Other Sponsors:

City of St. Helens; St. Helens School District [Columbia River Youth Corps (CRYC) & Columbia County Education Campus(CCEC)]; Oregon Fish & Wildlife Department (ODF&W); Oregon State Marine Board; the Chinook Nation; Lewis & Clark Columbia River Water Trail Association; Port of St. Helens; Greater St. Helens Park & Recreation District; Lewis & Clark Heritage Trail Association, Oregon Chapter.

Project Description:

This project will provide visitor access to one of the most spectacular scenic locations of the lower Columbia River. Sand Island offers the ideal location for a Native American or early trader encampment. Interpretive panels will provide a window to Cathlapothle, Washington and other significant local sites described in the L&C journals. In addition to Sand Island, water taxi service will continue on to Sauvie Island where ADA-accessible walking trails will take visitors to Warrior Rock (Lighthouse) via wetlands that will include wappato cultivation areas. Indigenous flora, fauna, and wildlife panels and sculptures will also be prevalent along these trails.

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:

$ 150,000


Island trails portion includes local sponsors and Oregon Historic Trails to ensure handicap accessibility ($50,000); Oregon Council on Humanities to develop content for panels ($2,000-5,000). School programs will do research and build trails, docks, causeways, and webpages. Parks & Recreation District will assist training youth and operating concessions ($50,000 combined).

Project Status:

ODF&W has approved trail plans. CRYC are constructing trails (50%). Local vendors have committed quarter-minus trail gravel. A boat builder is designing the water taxi.


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Other Comments:

The Chinook Nation still seeks federal tribal recognition. This project will provide a window into the Chinook Nation through the interpretive panels. Contacts are under way with Cathlapothle representatives from Washington State and have opened the door for coordinating activities.

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