Project Name:

Youngs River Falls Trail Repair and Visitor Parking

Location of Project:

Clatsop County, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Association

Contact Name/Title

Jan Mitchell, President


362 Duane St. Astoria






[email protected]


Other Sponsors:

City of Astoria

Project Description:

This project allows safe access to a 65-foot waterfall referenced in the journals of both Patrick Gass and William Clark. It is 6 miles east of Fort Clatsop on Youngs River Falls Road. An old trail leads down from a parking area to a pebbled beach at the foot of the Falls. Interpretive panels have been installed and the site is included in a map of Lewis & Clark sites in Lower Columbia region. The trail is fairly steep, and wooden steps once in place are gone. There is room for parking approximately 10 cars, but needs to be graded and paved. Trail repair - $17,000. Parking lot and road paving - $40,000.

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:

$ 0


In-kind labor can be used as a match. The City of Astoria will provide design and project management. The Management Training Corporation has offered work crews. This trail improvement could also be used by the local Eagle Scout program as a project. LCBA will serve as coordinator.

Project Status:

This project is ready to proceed when it is funded, only dependent on the weather.


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Other Comments:

The project area should be considered for inclusion as a part of an expanded Fort Clatsop National Memorial when Park expansion is approved by Congress, in order to provide protection to this documented L&C site.

Project ranked 6 of 9 in Clatsop County.

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