Project Name:

Rock Fort Encampment at The Dalles, Access & Site Improvements

Location of Project:

The Dalles, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

City of The Dalles, Oregon

Contact Name/Title

Dan Durow, Community Development Director


City Hall, 313 Court Street, The Dalles




541-296-5481 x 128


[email protected]



Other Sponsors:

City of The Dalles, Wasco County, ODOT, Oregon Community and Economic Dev. Dept., The Dalles Urban Renewal Agency, US Forest Service, US Economic Development Administration, Northern Wasco County Park and Recreation District, Columbia River Gorge Commission, and The Dalles Riverfront Trail, Inc.

Project Description:

First, construction of a pedestrian/bike path tunnel under the freeway and an at-grade railroad crossing, and a second vehicular tunnel under the freeway, both connecting the downtown commercial/historic areas to the Rock Fort campsite and the Riverfront Trail.

Second, improvements to and around the Rock Fort campsite, including a master area development plan, downtown connecting trail to the Riverfront Trail, two parking lots off-site from the L&C campsite, and operations and interpretative costs during the L&C bicentennial. The Rock Fort was an important L&C campsite along the river both outward and return trips.

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:



City of The Dalles, Wasco County, ODOT, Urban Renewal, US Forest Service, EDA, Park and Recreation District, Columbia Gorge Commission, The Dalles Riverfront Trail, Inc., and others. The project is key element of The Dalles Riverfront Master Plan, Urban Renewal Plan, The Dalles Land Use Plan, Vision Action Plan, and Economic Development District's Economic Plan.

Project Status:

A $115,000 feasibility and engineering study is 50% complete. The City has acquired the land through which the trail will pass. Citizen support is continuing.


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Other Comments:

This project is part of a larger multifaceted Downtown/Riverfront Renaissance project which includes construction of a $3,580,000 streetscape project, a $600,000 tour boat dock, a $5,500,000 nine-mile riverfront trail, a $18,000,000 wastewater treatment plant, and a downtown riverfront park. The land has been purchased, all other project elements are, or will soon be, under construction.

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