Project Name:

Bridging the Years of Discovery: A Lewis & Clark Adventure

Location of Project:

Hood River County, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Hood River County Historical Museum

Contact Name/Title

Connie Nice; office secretary


PO Box 781, Hood River





541-386-6772 call first

[email protected]



Other Sponsors:

Hood River School District (also include private schools)

Hood River County Historical Society

Hood River Chamber of Commerce

Project Description:

This project is in very rough form at this time (8/31/00). The museum/historical society will work with local the schools to create a modern version of a 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition artifact currently on display at the Hood River County Historical Museum. This artifact features student schoolwork on Lewis & Clark and was part of a display of such work from many communities across Oregon. Contact will be made schools in Hood River County to create a similar exhibit using modern technology. It will include work from several grade levels and be presented in a format current to the times. This new exhibit will be housed at the museum and become an artifact for future generations. As the community celebration nears, other events will be coordinated with the chamber of commerce to draw tourist interest in this historical event.

Project Budget:


$ 5,000

Funded to Date:

$ 0


Support will be requested through grants and community involvement. Anticipated funds will be needed to develop modern technology display and presentation center (possibly computer generated and operated). Publicity will also be needed as the actual celebration date approaches.


Project Status:

This project is still in the planning stages. Rough drafts will be presented to the Museum board, County Board of Commissioners, School District, and the Chamber of Commerce by the end of 2000.



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Other Comments:

The challenge to this project is to pull together a wide variety of groups in the community.

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