Project Name:

A Quest for Knowledge - Statue

Location of Project:

St. Helens, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

St. Helens School District

Contact Name/Title

Cliff Tetreault


474 N. 16th Street , St. Helens






[email protected]



Other Sponsors:

City of St. Helens, Columbia County Historical Society, Boise Cascade Corporation, St. Helens/Scappoose Chamber of Commerce, Columbia County Economic Development Commission, St. Helens Merchants Association

Project Description:

A statue of Lewis & Clark is proposed for a basalt outcrop in a triangular park at the gateway to Old Town St. Helens on the banks of the Columbia River.

The statue will depict Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with their instruments (octet, chronometer, sextant and surveyor's compass) reading and recording data. The statue will be juxtaposed with the new Lewis & Clark Campus, a 21st-century, state-of-the-art educational complex, which includes the Sacagawea Center (a school-based health clinic for young children) scheduled to open in September 2000. On this site, the technology of the early 1800s will contrast with the instrumentation of the 21st century. Placing the statue at the entrance to this historical region will be a major component in the current effort to "jump-start" St. Helens' Old Town as a major historical and recreational tourist destination.

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:

$ 25,000 in-kind:

land donation


Sponsors listed above will form an advisory committee to oversee the project. The St. Helens School District will serve as fiscal agent.

Project Status:

Proposed. Preliminary discussions with the local art community have concluded that the project is do-able and would be an asset to the community.


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Other Comments:

A Quest for Knowledge is a multidimensional project. It is art. It recognizes the nearly impossible task completed by Lewis & Clark with simple tools of the day. It is a lasting tribute to these early explorers.

It establishes the entrance to Old Town on the Columbia. It will draw visitors to Old Town. It will become a tourist attraction. Above all, the statue depicts achievement despite difficult circumstances - a message for our youth.

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