Project Name:

Bicentennial Hall At Lewis & Clark College

Location of Project:

Portland, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Lewis & Clark College

Contact Name/Title

Scott W. Staff, Vice President for College Relations


0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road, Portland






[email protected]


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Project Description:

The College (LCC) will build Bicentennial Hall as a principal destination point for scholars, lecture and special event attendees, and Portland residents. During and after the bicentennial, it will host public programs and exhibits based on the world's largest collection of Lewis & Clark-related materials. The Hall will serve generations of students and faculty, the Portland community, and campus visitors engaged in pursuits of "the life of the mind". The College's collections include every edition of every expedition journal, maps identical to those carried by the party, ephemera, fine press editions, and related holdings. Exhibits and special programming will cover topics such as cartography, Native Peoples of the Oregon Country, Voyages of Enlightenment to the North Pacific Coast, and Literature of the Expedition.

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:

$1,000,000 appropriated through VA/HUD in 1999

$1,000,000 from institutional support and of the College


This project has received enthusiastic support from the LCC Alumni Association with over 17,000 members worldwide and 9,000 in states along the trail. Other support has come from the Chinook Tribe. The College is seeking additional financial support from area foundations.

Project Status:

The completed feasibility study confirmed that the proposed development is consistent with the College's long-term master plan approved by the City of Portland. Architectural program work and contracts are nearing completion; architectural design work begins in September 2000.


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Other Comments:

The College currently hosts the National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council's administrative offices.

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