Project Name:

Liberty Theater Restoration

Location of Project:

Astoria, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Liberty Restoration, Inc.

Contact Name/Title

Howard Aaron, Executive Director


PO Box 210





503-282-1175, call first

[email protected]


Being developed

Other Sponsors:

Clatsop Community College, Portland State University, Astoria School District

Project Description:

Liberty Restoration, Inc., a non-profit arts organization, seeks to restore the elegance and historic integrity of a downtown theater constructed in the 1920s. The Liberty Theater will serve as the primary indoor venue for the Commemoration in this region, chosen for one of five Signature Events by the National L&C Bicentennial Council. From 2003 to 2006, the Liberty Theatre seeks to present a multi-disciplinary arts and humanities series that expands awareness of The Corps of Discovery and the period in which they lived. This restoration will create a 750-seat, state-of-the-art performing arts center, the only large-scale facility of its kind in the region.

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:



A recent grant from the City of Astoria has provided approximately $1,400,000 to acquire the building and, to date, another $600,000 has come from government, corporate, and foundation support. In-kind support has totaled $85,000. A number of foundation grants are pending.

Project Status:

A thorough feasibility study has been completed. With 1/3 of its funding in place, a capital campaign is launched this year. The three-stages of this project are: 1) acquisition of building (underway), 2) structural renovation: and 3) theater restoration.


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Other Comments:

On the National Registry of Historic Places, the Liberty Theater has the potential to revitalize the economic and social vitality of downtown Astoria and provide a much-needed educational and cultural resource. It is one of only a few U.S. theaters built in the Italian Renaissance style where restoration is not only viable, but also actively supported throughout the community. Project ranked 8 of 9 in Clatsop County.

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