Project Name:

Habitat Restoration on the Lower Columbia River Estuary

Location of Project:

Lower Columbia River Estuary

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Contact Name/Title

Kemper McMaster, State Supervisor


Oregon Fish & Wildlife Office, 2600 S.E. 98th Ave., Suite 100, Portland






[email protected]


Other Sponsors:

Lower Columbia River Estuary Program (

Project Description:

The Service would work with Lower Columbia River Estuary Program (LCREP) partners to implement the LCREP management plan. It would:

  • compare current habitat conditions with those during Lewis & Clark's visit;
  • inventory and prioritize habitats needing conservation;
  • restore habitats in immediate need and evaluate restoration progress;
  • provide education to local governments and the public on the importance of habitat protection standards;
  • provide incentives and technical assistance to encourage landowners to improve and protect wetland and riparian areas; and
  • develop interpretive centers describing habitat conditions and native species encountered by Lewis & Clark and how they have changed in 200 years.

Project Budget:

Total (3-year duration)

$2,625,000 ($875,000/yr)

Funded to Date:










Partners include the Lower Columbia River Estuary Program and its associated 30-member constituency. Other potential partners would include federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and educational institutions.

Project Status:

LCREP has $100,000 for high spectral/high spatial resolution mapping to be used to assess historical habitat types, prioritize protection and restoration, and compare historical and current habitat conditions.


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Priority Ranking: within State/Tribe/Agency: # ___ out of ___.

Other Comments:

Additional funding would provide increased ability to interpret the data collected; provide money for habitat acquisition, restoration, and to evaluate restoration projects as outlined in LCREP's management plan, and develop interpretive information regarding how habitat influenced Lewis & Clark's travels on the river.

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