Project Name:

Metropolitan Lewis & Clark Grant Program

Location of Project:

The Dalles to Astoria, Oregon (and Washington)

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Contact Name/Title

Kemper McMaster, State Supervisor


Oregon Fish & Wildlife Office, 2600 SE 98th Avenue, suite 100

Portland, OR





[email protected]


Other Sponsors:

None at this time.

Project Description:

This new grant program would be managed by the Service's Oregon State Office. Currently, around $200,000 is awarded annually through small grants supporting habitat restoration and environmental education in the Portland-Vancouver area through partnership between the Service and Metro, the local regional government. Grants provide seed money that enable partners to pool resources and carry out projects. Administered similarly and applied to a much broader geographic area, this proposed Metropolitan Lewis & Clark Grant Program will reach and involve a large number of residents and bicentennial visitors by focusing on the urban centers along the Lower Columbia River.

Project Budget:


$2,500,000 (over 5 years)

Funded to Date:



The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to work with Metro and other key partners to administer the program.

Project Status:

The program concept could be fully developed so that grants could be advertised and offered within a few months after funding is available. Existing information and resources can be transformed and expanded to launch the program.


    Primary Category:     _ R/H     _ P/T     _ I     _ CD     X C/N     _ ED     _ E     _ O

    Type:     X Fed     _ State     _ Local     _ Tribal     _ Multi-Agency     _ Private     _ Pub/Priv     _ Other

    Status:     X Proposed     _ Underway     _ Finished

Priority Ranking: within State/Tribe/Agency: # __ out of ___.

Other Comments:

The Lewis & Clark Grant Program would be offered annually throughout the Bicentennial. The goal is to support projects in the $20,000-75,000 range that might not otherwise occur. Schools, local governments, neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, private landowners, and others would be eligible.

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