Project Name:

Lewis & Clark Events Statewide - LCBO Program Fund

Location of Project:

Oregon - statewide

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon

Contact Name/Title

Ted Kaye, Executive Director


1200 S.W. Park Ave., Portland






[email protected]


Other Sponsors:

50 institutional partners of LCBO, the state's Lewis & Clark coalition.

Project Description:

LCBO will distribute federal, state, foundation, and corporate funding on a matching basis to support local activities before and during the bicentennial. For example, grants will help fund:

    • Community participation in national re-enactments on the bicentennial dates, especially the NPS Corps II project
    • Tribal interpretation, reconciliation, and tourism events
    • Local interpretive and directional signage
    • Historical society and small museum exhibits
    • Community, school, and historical events, concerts, and lectures.
    • School curriculum distribution and bus transportation to sites and events
    • Maps, brochures, and websites guiding visitors to L&C sites and events
    • Acquisition or maintenance of L&C sites
    • Native American oral history, art, and cultural preservation
    • TV, radio, CD-ROM, and other programming on the bicentennial
    • Operational support for existing parks and interpretive facilities

Project Budget:



Funded to Date:



The Oregon State Legislature and the National Park Service have provided funds to date.


Project Status:

LCBO has begun granting funds and coordinating statewide planning.


    Primary Category:     _ R/H     _ P/T     _ I     _ CD     _ C/N     _ ED     X E     _ O

    Type:     _ Fed     X State     _ Local     _ Tribal     _ Multi-Agency     _ Private     _ Pub/Priv     _ Other

    Status:     _ Proposed     X Underway     _ Finished

Priority Ranking: within State/Tribe/Agency: # ____ out of ____.

Other Comments:

Federal, state, foundation, and corporate funding will be distributed by LCBO on a matching basis to support local activities before and during the bicentennial. Many of these activities are not yet identified or are not large enough to merit separate project summaries, however resources must be set aside to fund them. Planning to date has focused on larger infrastructure projects; this effort will support more of the smaller and program-related projects.

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