Project Name:

Clatskanie Living History Program

Location of Project:

Clatskanie, Oregon

Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

City of Clatskanie

Contact Name/Title

Larry Cole, City Manager


P.O. Box 9 Clatskanie






[email protected]



Other Sponsors:

Chinook Indian Tribe

Black Dog Mountain Men

Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce

Kiwanis Club

Project Description:

"Mountain Men" resources, clubs and organizations and the Chinook Indian Tribe and "Potlatch" programs, would put together a program simulating a meeting between Lewis & Clark and the Chinook Indians. Contact has been made with potential participants and interest has been received. The program could be recorded and televised to become part of a nation-wide observance.

The construction of an Indian "Long House" could enhance the program and serve as a permanent commemoration of Lewis & Clark's visits with various Indian tribes along the Columbia River.

Project Budget:

Total: $15,000 or

$40,000 w/Long-House

Funded to Date:



The Clatskanie "Heritage Days" Committee has decided to help organize and manage the program and would consider helping raise funds for the program. Interest has been received from the "Mountain Man" group in this area. Contact has been made with representatives of the Chinook Indian Tribe who are willing to do a proper "educational" project. The Columbia County Historical Society would be involved.

Project Status:

Federal funding would be needed the year preceding the commemoration to secure the site, needed equipment, assure the participants of a commitment so they may begin planning the program and build the longhouse if that is to be a part of the project. We are ready to proceed upon indication of funding support.


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    Type:     _ Fed     _ State     X Local     _ Tribal     _ Multi-Agency     _ Private     _ Pub/Priv     _ Other

    Status:     X Proposed     _ Underway     _ Finished

Priority Ranking: within State/Tribe/Agency: # ____ out of ____.

Other Comments:

The program could be done several times during the Lewis & Clark commemoration with a small addition to the budget. The budget would be used for some or all of the following:

A portion to the organizations participating, tribes, clubs, etc. for their work and participation.

Preparation of a site for encampment. Sites in the area have been identified as Lewis & Clark campsites.

Miscellaneous camping equipment and gear.

Printing and telephone costs.

Food for the encampment the day of the program. (Would be part of the demonstration program.)

Construction of the Long House.

Transportation costs and Contingency

Acquisition of the site if it is to become a permanent exhibit or monument. (Additional funds may be needed.)

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