Project Name:

The Lewis & Clark Challenge

Location of Project:


Lead Sponsor:

Organization Name

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory and others

Contact Name/Title

Dr. Larry McClure


101 SW Main, Suite 500





[email protected]


Other Sponsors:

Oregon Education Association, National Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation/Oregon Chapter, Oregon Historical Society, business and industry groups, foundations, broadcast and cable television outlets

Project Description:

Using today's high-tech tools and high audience-appeal TV formats (e.g. College Bowl, Survivor, Jeopardy), each school district (or attendance area within a large district) will recruit and field a team of students from 9th-12th grade levels. They will conduct research and service activities in their local community using Lewis & Clark's original model for discovery and documentation. Teams with diverse student participation and the best web sites will enter a round of final television Challenge (playoffs) where students must solve Lewis & Clark-related writing, speaking, mathematics, science, ethnography, music, art, and cartography problems in real time.

Project Budget:


$ 500,000

Funded to Date:

$ none


Funding for this project will come from multiple sources and will require a small planning grant to assemble a design team. Major costs will be for coordination and development, local teacher time, and travel for student teams for regional and final Challenges in their TV or cable market.

Project Status:

This project will require considerable planning and involvement from educators and non-educators alike. Problems students solve will be based on Oregon's education (CIM) standards.


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    Status:     X Proposed     _ Underway     _ Finished

Priority Ranking: within State/Tribe/Agency: # ____ out of ____.

Other Comments:

Students will conduct valuable local research as a service to their own communities, post their results on a web site accessible to the public, and also become experts on the original Lewis & Clark story in order to meet the final Challenge.



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