The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon Committee
LCBO was incorporated as a private, nonprofit organization in 1998, with administrative oversight by the Oregon Historical Society. With guidance from Gov. Kitzhaber's office, the LCBO board was expanded in April 2002 to more broadly represent Oregon citizens and organizations with a stake in the bicentennial. The current board and 60+ partners from throughout the state guide the efforts of LCBO and Oregon's observance of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial.

Oregon's commemoration will provide significant benefits to Oregonians and visitors alike, and LCBO's mission is to ensure that the state has a fully developed and well supported bicentennial plan of activities. LCBO's strategic plan outlines the state's key programs, and identifies the wide variety of other projects being planned and executed throughout Oregon by LCBO's many partners.

LCBO's tasks over the next few years are tremendous, yet attainable with support from the public and private sectors in Oregon. The organization's ambitious strategy is one that will not only create opportunities for people to enjoy, understand and participate in the bicentennial, but that will also create lasting legacy programs that will endure well beyond 2006, the final year of the national bicentennial observance. We've posted information on our meetings, strategic plan, partners and board online.
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