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Fall & Winter Storylines

Lewis & Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibitionat the Oregon Historical Society

November 11, 2005 through March 11, 2006
Portland, Oregon

Contact: Annabelle Snow, Oregon Historical Society
[email protected]

The Oregon Historical Society is your centralized location for family learning about Lewis & Clark, the adventures they experienced, the cultures they explored and the stories they have to tell about it.

In November of 2005, Lewis & Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibition brings to Portland a never-before-seen-together collection of stuff that tells the story of Lewis & Clark. This is more than an exhibit. This is an opportunity for kids young and old to embrace the story of Lewis & Clark and understand it on a new level. The Historical Society will facilitate this learning with many opportunities to engage in the wildest adventure story history has to offer.

Before you come:
Check out our website at for an online section called the Oregon History Project. This is our online learning tool on the story of Lewis & Clark and all about Oregon History.
Additionally, an extensive curriculum was developed to accompany the exhibit. Written for grades 4-12, the curriculum focuses on the 9 major themes of the National Exhibit. Available online at

While you are here:
Accompanying the exhibit is a Family Guide for children 5-10 years of age to have a more focuses learning experience. Touch carts, staffed by docents will be located in the lobby. The touch carts are stocked with reproduction artifacts that echo the themes in the exhibit. There will be a video that documents tribal perspectives found within the Columbia River Basin. The audio guide that accompanies the exhibit provides visitors with 89 stops filled with narration, direct quotes from the journals and various L&C letters, Native American oral tradition and present-day insight, music and sound effects.

Events not to be missed!
1) Moot court - October 13-14, 2005: A member of the expedition on trial for stealing a canoe! Not to be missed. Do you think he should be found guilty?

Other great programs for kids:
2) Music Program: Where kids can learn about the musical pastimes of the Corps of Discovery
3) Play Back Theater: Where kids are "interviewed" by actors who specialize in history. The interviews consist of questions about the kids interest in Lewis and Clark. Then the actors "play back (or act out) the kids responses
4) Family Treaty Program: A program for kids and adults that explains, in a meaningful and fun way, the significance of the treaties as a "Legacy" of Lewis and Clark.
5) Showing of the film "The Far Horizons" (the 1960s film with Fred McMurray, Charlton Heston, and Donna Reed as Sacagawea)

I think one way to communicate the relevance of Lewis & Clark is to tell the story, even in brief form. Tell about why it is important. Talk about how it has affected our lives today. Bring it to the present.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information about the above programs. We have images, facts, artifacts and more here at the Historical Society. In a storyline about Lewis & Clark in Oregon, it makes sense that we would pull up the educational side, which goes great with the experiential Destination: The Pacific. We are the only venue for the National Exhibit where visitors can both learn about the story, see the artifacts, the diaries, the physical remnants of the expedition and experience the story, the landscape, the culture, the rain.

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