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Government & Private Partners

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- A -

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
Nolee K. Olson, Executive Director

American Youth Hostels - Oregon
Ric Catron

Astoria/Warrenton Chamber of Commerce

Hon. Vic Atiyeh (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

- B -

Dick Basch (LCBO Board Second Vice-President)

Hon. Earl Blumenauer (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis
Neil Bryant LCBO Board Secretary)

- C -

Chinook Indian Tribe
Cliff Snider, Chief

Bud Clark (LCBO Board Member)

Clark County, Washington
Arlene Johnson, Project Director - L&C Bicentennial

Columbia County Courthouse
Linda Lagraff, ED Coordinator

Columbia County Historical Society
R. J. Brown, President

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Wasco County Historical Museum
Ken Karsmizki (LCBO Board Member)

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Michael Ferris, Public Affairs Officer

Columbia River Maritime Museum
Crindalyn Stevens, Director, Marketing & Public Relations

Columbia Riverkeepers
Laurence Cotton

Columbia Sportswear
Gert Boyle, President (LCBO Board Member)

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla, Tamástslikt Cultural Institution
Roberta Conner, Director (LCBO Board Member)

Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation
Louie Pitt, Jr., Director, Govt. Affairs & Planning (LCBO Board Member)

- D -

The Daily Astorian
Steve Forrester (LCBO Board Member)

Hon. Peter DeFazio (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

- E -

Eastern Oregon Visitors Association
Alice Trindle, Executive Director

- F -

Fort Clatsop National Memorial
Chip Jenkins, Superintendent (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Friends of Astoria Column, Inc.
Kandis Nunn, Representative

Friends of Vista House
Nanita McIlhattan, Executive Director

Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Kevin Gorman, Executive Director

- G -

Gilliam County
Gene Leverton, Consultant

Hon. Neil Goldschmidt (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

- H -

Hon. Mark Hatfield (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Hood River Chamber of Commerce

Hood River County Historical Museum
Connie Nice, Secretary

Hon. Darlene Hooley (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

- I -

Idaho Lewis & Clark Info Center
Keith Petersen, Coordinator

City of Irrigon
Donald V. Eppenbach, L&C Representative

- L -

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Association
Cyndi Mudge, Executive Director

Lewis & Clark College
Michael Ford & Sherry Manning, Bicentennial Programs
Michael Mooney, President (LCBO Board Member)

Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
Doug Erickson, Chapter President

Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership
Debrah Marriott, Executive Director

- M -

Maryhill Museum of Art
Lee Musgrave

Meyer Memorial Trust
Warne Nunn, Trustee (LCBO Board Member)

Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council
Clint Blackwood, Executive Director

Morrow County
Carla McLane, Planning Director, Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee

The Museum at Warm Springs
Beulah Tsumpti, Board Secretary

- N -

National Coast Trail Association
Al Le Page

Northwest Regional Education Laboratory
Dr. Larry McClure, Senior Associate, retired
Dr. Pat Cooney Nida, Senior Associate, Comprehensive Center

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- O -

Oregon Army National Guard
Warren W. Aney, Historian
Adjutant General Alexander Burgin (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)
LTC Mark L. Rathburn DCSOPS-MR

Oregon Bankers Association
Tim Martinez (LCBO Board Member)

Oregon Council for the Humanities
Christopher Zinn, Executive Director

Oregon Department of Education
Andrea Morgan, Education Program Specialist

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Department of Transportation
Claudia Howells, Manager, Rail Division
Karen Morrison, Highway Materials Lab

Oregon Forest Resources Institute
Leslie Lehmann, Executive Director
Jeremy Solin, Manager of Public Outreach

Oregon Heritage Commission
David Ellis, Chair

Oregon Historical Society
John Pierce, Executive Director (LCBO Board Member)

Oregon History Works
Chet Orloff (LCBO First Vice-President)

Oregon House of Representatives
Hon. Betsy Johnson (LCBO Board Chair)

Oregon Library Association
Elaine Hirsch

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
Nancy Stueber, Executive Director (LCBO Board Member)
Mark Brittell, Omnimax Theater

Oregon Parks & Recreation Department
Tim Wood, Director
Jean Thompson, Public Services Manager, 503-986-0667

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Laurie Kelley, VP - Marketing & Planning

Oregon, State of
Hon. Bill Bradbury, Secretary of State (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

State of Oregon
Hon. John A. Kitzhaber, Former Oregon Governor (Honorary LCBO Board Chair)

Oregon State Capitol
Debbie Miller, Project Coordinator

Oregon State Historic Preservation Office
James Hamrick

Oregon State University
Melanie Fahrenbruch, Director of Communications/Conference Services

Oregon Trail State Volksport Association
Jack Odgaard

Oregon Tourism Commission
Mandy Cole, Assistant Director

Oregon Travel Information Council
Mr. Jim Renner, Deputy Director

Oregon Zoo
Jane Hartline, Marketing Director

- P -

Port of Portland
Debby Kennedy (LCBO Board Member)

Portland Art Museum

Portland Oregon Visitors Association
Joe D’Alessandro (LCBO Board Member)
Teresa O’Neill, Travel Industry Sales Manager
Barbara Steinfeld, Director of Cultural Tourism

Portland State University
Dr. William Lang, Director, Center for Columbia River History

- R -

Hon. Barbara Roberts (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Rural Development Initiatives
Craig Smith, Community Development Coordinator

- S -

Sherman County
Sherry Kaseberg, County Commissioner

Skamania County Chamber of Commerce
Amy Nyberg

Hon. Gordon Smith (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Sustainable Northwest
Martin Goebel, Executive Director

- T -

The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce
Anita Payne Clason, Lewis & Clark Coordinator
Susan Huntington, Executive Director

Kim Duncan (LCBO Board Member)

Troutdale Chamber of Commerce

Troutdale Historical Society
Marie Miller, Director

Tuality Health Alliance
Dr. Les Bergeron (LCBO Board Member)

- U -

Umatilla County
Bill Hansell, Commissioner (LCBO Board Member)

Umatilla County Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee
Russ Doran, Coordinator

United States Army
BG James B. Thayer, Sr., Civilian Advisor, Secretary of the Army (LCBO Board Member)

United States Department of Transportation
Peter Field, Transportation Planner

United States Fish & Wildlife Service
Susan Saul, Outreach Specialist, Pacific Regional Office

United States Forest Service
Ollie Jones, Oregon Community Assistance Coordinator, Willamette National Forest

United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management
Bonnie Lippitt, Interpretive Specialist

United States National Park Service
Richard N. Williams, Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

- W -

Hon. Greg Walden (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh & Company

Washington County Historical Society
Amber Reese

Washington State Governor’s Lewis & Clark Commission
Barb Kubik, Chair

Washington State Historical Society
David Nicandri, Director

World Forestry Center

Hon. David Wu (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

Hon. Ron Wyden (LCBO Board Ex-Officio)

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